Throughout the book of John there are many examples of miracles performed by Jesus so that we would believe who he said he was. The Believe art and sermon bumper video were created for Life Point Christian Fellowship in Chesapeake, Virginia. The Sunday sermon series explored the miracles of Jesus throughout the book of John. Starting with turning water into while and ending with the resurrection.

We created a short, uplifting sermon bumper video that reminds us of just a few of the signs and miracles Jesus performed so that we could believe, referencing John 20:30-31. This video would serve well as a bumper for a sermon about the ministry of Jesus, or just as a reminder to the congregation of how well our Savior understood our human desire to see demonstrations of His power.

You can purchase this video for use at your church here:
Stills are included with purchase that can be loaded into presentation software for sermon slides that match the video styling, if so desired.