Phos Staging

First Baptist Church of Norfolk has been a long time partner and client of Overflow Media Group. We have created numerous videos and designs for them and love working with them. At the beginning of November we had the opportunity to work with them again on their fall youth event, Disciple Now. We love working with First Baptist (like really, love them). They give us so much room to work and freedom to get creative.

First Baptist wanted us to come up with a stage design for their youth venue. This is a venue that hasn’t been changed in a while and was in desperate need of an update. One of our favorite set idea sites is We are always looking at the site and saving ideas for a later use. We designed a backdrop from reclaimed pallets (which was super cheap since you can get pallets from almost anywhere for free). We then added some hanging Edison bulbs to tie in the light theme and to add some warmth and depth to the back drop. We also created a centerpiece for the backdrop that was the phos logo painted onto a chloroplast sheet with a wooden box built around it. We then put a LED light bar inside the box to light it from the inside. It was a nice touch to bring the theme and design into the tangible world. Once everything was in place we just added some LED par lights and used can lights for washes. We added a little haze to the space to saturate the colored light and transformed the space into something new.

Both we and First Norfolk loved the final result. It was perfect for the event and is a great anchor for future designs and events. One of the best aspects of this design is that it is versatile. It can be easily accented with Christmas lights, picture frames, a wall hung TV or almost anything to give it a face lift. It is also simple enough to be used by other ministries at the church for large events, something that was important in the design.