All In Services

We love camps. Like, really love camps. Any aspect of camps we can get our hands on we help with. The ALL IN camp was in 2012 in the mountains of North Carolina, and it came with its challenges. The scariest challenge was the bears, yea bears. Being in the mountains meant you were in bear country and keeping track of 200 6th-12th graders with bears around was terrifying. Secondly, the week really turned into “ALL-INSIDE CAMP” it rained almost every day and we had to change many things around due to the Lords showers. We wouldn’t trade these inconveniences for anything though. We truly love camps, and love working with and seeing students. These videos are time lapses of the services shot with Go-Pro camera from different angles. If you want to get some footage of a service or event and don’t have a lot of budget or help, Go-Pro cameras can make it happen for you. They can go almost anywhere and record for a long time.