Anchored Camp

This graphics package was created for First Baptist Church of Norfolk’s yearly youth summer camp, Anchored. Immediately we knew water and nautical ideas needed to be present in our designs. We decided to use am image of mildly rough seas with various sayings overlaid. The sayings were picked based on familiar sayings or songs. It is a very simple package we created, however it ended up being one of the most meaningful. The rough seas gave a feeling of storms while the sayings contrasted the anger in the waves with calming sayings. As we promoted the camp, people started identifying closely with one of the sayings. While the sayings were different they still all communicated the same idea, Hebrews 6:19.

Sometimes simple is the best way. For the staging for Anchored we decided to go with a simple design. More than once we have attempted to bite off more than we can chew when it comes to staging but this time we decided to go with a very basic rustic theme. (above photo by Courtney Polston)

We built seven 4ftx8ft panels out of regular 2×4 boards and then stained them. Once they were dry we added in some cafe bulbs which we bought online then wrapped them with about 80ft each of 1/4inch rope. The panels were simple in design but added good depth to the stage and presence. They were simple to make and easy to set up once we got to the location.

In addition to the panels we rented some moving lights and added some LED bar lights behind the panels to add some color. Overall this was one of the simplest designs that we have done and we loved it!