Be More Do More Staging

The stage design for the Be More Do More camp theme was one done on a tight budget. The project also needed to be somewhat portable since it was being made 200 miles away from where it was going to be used and we had to move it to a new venue mid-week. Meeting both the budget and the portable demands were challenging but we were able to do it.

The center piece was made from reclaimed pallets. Pallets are a cheap source of wood and they can be picked up almost anywhere and most places will let you take them for free. The final size of the centerpiece was 12ft tall by 8ft wide. That doesn’t sound very portable. We built the “wall” in 4ft x 8ft sections that where then screwed together on site. This allowed us to move the piece relatively easy.

On top of this plank wall we made the words “BE” and “DO”. We did this by outlining the letters with screws then stringing multiple colors of yarn between the letters. We taped the construction of the yarn creation and used it as an open video for the week and reveal for the stage. You can watch the video here.

After we set up the band and staging we stood back and looked at the room and decided it was missing something. Luckily we had some extra projectors and decided to construct some environmental effects on the proscenium of the stage. This little (or not so little) touch really pulled the room together with the various LED lights we placed throughout the room.