Come Awake 2015

For the third year Overflow Media Group was honored to design the promotional and branding materials for Onetwentyseven’s Come Awake Easter gathering for 18-10 something’s. This year’s focus and theme was on the cross. We created what came to be known as the “neon cross”. It was fully modeled and rendered in Cinema 4d then colored and composited in Photoshop. Later on in the process we decided to model the words “come awake” in a similar fashion.

After presenting what we had made to them, we came up with the wild idea of recreating the “neon cross” in real life for the stage. We contacted a good friend of ours with superior wood working skills and gave him the challenge. In the end an 8ft tall cross was constructed out of wood and painted white. We then created fake bulbs out of LED stripsflorescent tube coversfrosted glass spray paint and tissue paper for diffusion.